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24-7-emergency-AC Repair & Heating Repair services Raleigh NC - AirPro Carolina
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AirPro Carolina Warranties & Guarantees

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24-7-emergency-AC Repair & Heating Repair services Raleigh NC - AirPro Carolina
Locally owned and operated - AirPro Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning
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AirPro Carolina Warranty Information

When it comes to HVAC services in greater Raleigh that you can rely on, no one comes with more refferrals and trust than the pros at AirPro Carolina LLC.  As the leader in HVAC services for Raleigh we make sure to carry the industry best products to ensure that our customers are getting the absolute best products that will keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer!  Check out our AC & Heating manufacturer warranty information here.

AirPro’s 100% happy customer guarantee

We’ll get your heating or air conditioning project done right the first time, guaranteed

Google guaranteed: we’re backed by the Google guarantee, which means our business is licensed, insured, and pre-screened.

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Bigger is better, right? Well, not always. Homeowners might want a larger furnace or air conditioner than they need, than is in their best interests.

Oversized equipment uses more energy than a properly sized equipment. Because the air handler is larger, it results in increased air flow from the registers (one of the leading homeowner complaints) and can result in significant temperature swings in the living area (another common complaint).

An oversized furnace results in increased “wet time” or “condensate dwell.” This potentially dangerous condition occurs because the furnace does not get hot enough to dry out, allowing acidic condensate to form in areas not designed to handle it. The result can be corrosion and the release of carbon monoxide.

An oversized air conditioner tends to short cycle. This adversely affects comfort, does not allow for proper dehumidification, and fails to remove moisture from the coil, creating conditions ripe for mold propagation. Short cycling also increases energy use.

Yet, homeowners still want BIGGER. A useful tool for persuading homeowners to accept a correctly sized system is the Comfort Guarantee. You guarantee that the system will heat and cool the home to 72 degrees (or whatever design condition the homeowner desires) when the outside temperature reaches the standard design conditions for your area. If the system cannot keep up and you cannot otherwise correct the problem, you promise to upgrade to the next larger size free of charge.

What is the real guarantee? You guarantee you can run a load calc. If you can’t manage this fundamental, you shouldn’t be installing comfort systems in the first place.

A comfort guarantee sets you apart. Other contractors will be afraid to offer it. They obsess on all of the things that can go wrong. Yet, if all of the things that can go wrong were to actually happen, wouldn’t you take care of the homeowner anyway? If so, take credit for it.

It’s a low risk guarantee. If you are concerned about the liability, add a half a percent to your sales price (e.g., 1 system out of 200). Put the half a percent into a warranty reserve account, just in case.

A comfort guarantee demonstrates confidence in your work. It’s something many of your competitors will be afraid to offer. If they won’t offer it and you will, you appear to be the quality shop.

If you want, limit the comfort guarantee to high efficiency, top-of-the-line equipment. Require a duct system replacement.

The guarantee is no good if you fail to tell the customer about it. Take the certificate with you on replacement sales calls. Let the homeowners see it. As you’re reviewing your company, tell them you offer a comfort guarantee. Then hand over the certificate.

Buy a ream of cotton, linen paper. For a few pennies, you will differentiate yourself, setting your company apart. Better yet, you’re doing something you would be doing anyway.

Before printing the piece, be sure to change the red text to match your company information. Change the font color from red to black. Print the certificate on white or gray linen paper.

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Customer Satisfaction

A dedication to total customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and every job we perform.

True 24/7 Service

Our technicians are available 24/7, including nights, weekends, and holidays—to serve you in the time of your emergency!

Transparent Pricing

We offer fair, up-front pricing with flexible financing options on all of our HVAC products, services, and repairs.

100% Happy Customer Guarantee

We'll get your heating or air conditioning project done right the first time, guaranteed

On-Demand Service

With AirPro's fully stocked service vehicles, we’re ready to solve your HVAC problems on the spot throughout greater Raleigh!



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24-7-emergency-AC Repair & Heating Repair services Raleigh NC - AirPro Carolina
Locally owned and operated - AirPro Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning
acca member - AirPro Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning