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24-7-emergency-AC Repair & Heating Repair services Raleigh NC - AirPro Carolina
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Raleigh AC is not turning on

There are a variety of complications and shifts in behavior that the air conditioner doesn’t turn on. If you notice any of these problems in your central air listed below, please contact your local HVAC contractor for more help.

With hot weather coming rapidly, growing numbers of people are turning to their central air systems. Homeowners who have opted out on upkeep of air conditioners that notice their central air is not what they expected.

My AC unit won’t turn on in Raleigh

If the outside machine doesn’t turn on, it’s normally because the circuit breaker has been tripped. If this happens, once you find the circuit breaker plate, you can quickly reset it.

When you think the AC device still isn’t running, so the most possible source is the thermostat. A thermostat that is not sensitive would fail to connect with the rest of the central air network. This can be repaired for you by your Ac Repair providers AirPro Carolina.

Your AC might not cool evenly

The ducts used to move air conditioning in the house are designed to match any space in the building. Nevertheless, certain factors are to be weighed, such as how much light is coming through the windows. We mount dampers within the air duct network to control the flow of air to handle heat supply and also out air conditioning.

The AC provider is working with you to assess the home climate and adjust the air conditioning to each room or location.

The AC doesn’t cool at all for my Raleigh home

The trouble lies within the control board when the air conditioning doesn’t feel cool. Then the refrigerant may be at fault. In this case, restoring operation needs the expertise and treatment of the air conditioner provider.

Refrigerant can be dangerous for your own handling. Wait for your health to get proper treatment from your reliable air conditioning provider, who is EPA certified.

Common Causes of AC Problems in Raleigh

Although the best experience of the central air network varies with age and use. There are common issues with air conditioner that no central air device can completely overcome without the help of an HVAC contractor. Including:


There are multiple wire networks linking one section of the central air grid to the next. Some of these wires are concealed behind partitions, some are visible above ground. Air conditioner operation is compromised when such wires crack, erode, or are damaged in some way.

Shortages of Refrigerant

In the central air network refrigerant passes in a closed tube circuit. While refrigerant need not be refilled, leaks occur in certain central air systems. Refrigerant drips out as this occurs, contaminating the air flow. Your HVAC provider will restore it for you, restoring your home air and machine safety.

Icy Build Up in your unit

Ice may build up around the spindles, pipes or even outside the machine. This usually occurs where no substitute has been made for the air filter. A dirty air filter ensures that a clogged pipe allows the central air system to operate twice as hard to move air in. It leads to unusually cold air flowing inside the central air as it travels into the duct network, drying out internal parts.

Cleaning the ice build up without destroying the fragile sections that make up the internal frame of the air conditioner requires the care and accuracy of a specialist.

Dirty evaporator coils, condensers and filters

Changing the central air air filter is something homeowners should handle themselves. The air filter is the first line of defense against molested airborne particles and pathogens which plague the air and air conditioner device.

It’s a easy way to maintain the air quality high in your home while maintaining central air system ‘s productivity and cleanliness.

Faulty Motors

The central air system faces undue discomfort when either of the blower motors are operating at half speed or frozen over. Choosing to remove these engines would make the furnace and air conditioner work better as they last for a long time.

Compressors Malfunctions

Compressors are responsible for the pumping of compressed refrigerant, hot air, in the air conditioning system. When the compressor goes wrong, amperage skyrockets to keep up with thermostat-signaled demands.

Your air conditioner manufacturer would need to repair the condenser in full or in part, so that air conditioning is returned in your house.

Deficient Thermostats

Homes fitted with faulty thermostats typically have analog thermostats that can not suit high-efficiency versions. Today’s thermostats are mechanical, touch screen and are less likely to have connectivity issues with the rest of the network. Furthermore, older thermostats contain mercury which poses a health threat inside the house.

To save time , energy and hassle, every HVAC manufacturer would consider having old thermostats replaced with better performing ones.

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24-7-emergency-AC Repair & Heating Repair services Raleigh NC - AirPro Carolina
Locally owned and operated - AirPro Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning
acca member - AirPro Carolina Heating & Air Conditioning
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